Staying Safe at the Festival

Making sure everybody at our wonderful family festival has a fun and safe time is a top priority of ours. Here are a few tips and strategies we have for our festival goers to help ensure that your weekend is one full of positive experiences.


The buddy System

We all remember this from elementary school, but the system still holds up. Here’s some things to keep in mind when using the Buddy System:

1.    Who’s your buddy? Going to a festival in a group and creating a buddy system where people are responsible for each other is incredibly helpful. A buddy system can also come in handy during times when you don’t feel well! 

2.    Where’s your buddy? You’ve looked for your buddy everywhere and you’re starting to worry for them. What’s next?

3.    Where’s your buddy? Install the the Bridgefy Bluetooth Messaging App so you can check in on your buddy when you’re not together



Consent is something we want to promote to our festival goers so that everyone at EOTW feels comfortable and safe on and off the dance floor. It is important to act responsibly in a festival environment, and understanding and respecting consent is an important aspect of that. Below are a few reminders about what consent means and how to honour it.

1.     Having consent means that all folks involved in the activity are 100% stoked on everything that is happening in the moment and have said so! Consent isn't just yes or no however. Pay attention to body language and facial expressions!

2.     Consent is a mutual agreement to physical contact. Remember that consent is necessary, verbal, and enthusiastic!

3.     REMEMBER Consent can be retracted at any time.



Much of the festival’s success relies on our individual responsibility. Below are a few of our tips on how to be a responsible Edge of the World attendee

1.     Look after each other. Haida Gwaii has a wonderful community that loves and looks after one another. Let’s use that over the weekend to make sure everybody has a good time.

2.     Do you know where your kids/teens are, or how they are doing? Check in frequently, and be sure that you kids understand responsible festival etiquette,

3. Do you have a safe ride home? Carpool, plan ahead, and drive with caution to ensure you get home safe.

3.     Remember, EOTW is a family friendly festival and drugs and alcohol are not permitted. Please respect this and those around you.

Eotw safety services

Although we urge all of our festival attendees to act responsibly and safely, we have plenty of Safety Services available just in case. Please make yourself familiar with them in case you find yourself or someone else needing them.

1.     Our First Aid tent is available to attendees until 1am

2. We have security on site at all hours of the festival. If in need, please talk to somebody in a high-vis vest.

3. HYDRATE! We have two water stations on the festival grounds.


Help us make our festival as safe and as fun as we possibly can. Apply to volunteer below, or send us an email with your ideas at