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10:30  Come Home is your Heart
-  Kiki vander Heiden

Join Kiki for a dynamic, uplifting yet calming Kundalini Yoga and meditation sequence to open the heart and increase compassion.

11:30 Spoken Word Poetry Slam
Explore spoken word poetry with regional and local poets, Audrey Lane Cockett & Alexis Koome, Johnny MacRae, Shayne Greg & Earl July.

13:30 First Peoples Cultural Council
The Arts Team will share with artists the grant programs and funding opportunities we offer at the First Peoples Cultural Council.

15:30 Down Town Mischief
Come join us for an intro to Funk-ing Meeting.

16:30 Mark Perry
Songwriting pros and cons.

18:30 Twin Peaks
Join female songwriters in the round sharing and collaborating together.

19:30 Tobin Frank- Me and Squeezy McGee
Come explore the idea of the accordion as a “colour” instrument. Sing-songwriters and accordionist are welcome to come and join in to make music.


10:30  Teja Ravi Kaur
Kundalini Yoga class awakening your energy potential.

11:30 Mama Mihirangi & the Mareikura
The Women’s Haka is a traditional dance that invokes and expresses a women’s potency, their power, virtues, culture, lore and sacredness. Participants will learn the calls, actions, words and their history, meaning, traditions, protocols and power. 

13:30 Kung Jaadee (Roberta Kennedy)
Learn the Xaad Kil (Haida) Language through story-telling and song. Bring your voice and have some fun!

14:30 Everyone has a song in them
- Ashleigh Ball
Explore the evolution of song-writing and discover clues in everyday life to find the songs inside using song from “gold in you.”

15:30 Songwriting with Sister Says
Participants will learn the key elements of songwriting by covering the basics of singing, song structure, lyric writing, chords, rhythm and timing. The workshop will culminate in creating a song together!

16:30 Jesse Roper
Learn how to write and groove with “happening” music.

Earlier Event: August 10