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Workshops for Saturday, August 12th

10:30 am  -  Mariel Tecla

Vinyasa Yoga

Start your morning with movement. This yoga workshop will get you energized for the day connecting your body and breath as you flow to music. Mats are provided, open to all levels, rain or shine.                    

11:30 am  -  Maryanne Wettlaufer

Painting with Maryanne Wettlaufer: Haida Gwaii-A Musical Landscape

This workshop will involve working primed canvas and participating in the creation of a Music Fest masterpiece exploring the theme of Haida Gwaii, a musical landscape.                     

12:30 pm  -  Meighan Wilson   

Xaayda Kil sk'aadGa dii (Learning the Haida Language)

Dive into the basic of HIGaagilda Xaayda Kil (Skidegate

Haida language). Learn to wrap your mouth around some

simple words and phrases.                               

1:30 pm  -  Kathy Pick  

Weaving on Rocks

This practice originated in Japan. Participants will learn some weaving techniques with Hamburg cane on rocks but may substitute other natural materials                  

2:30 pm  -  Oliver Swain

Workshop 1 - Music from the Appalachians

Explore Southern Appalachian music and history with a focus on Banjo, String Bass and voice.                                 

3:30 pm  -  Jiixa (Gladys Vandal)      

Cedar Weaving

Learn basic traditional cedar weaving from a Master Haida Weaver  

4:30 pm  -  Old Rebel Soul      


5:30 pm  -  Melissa Bandura  

Intro to Fiddle

Geared towards fiddlers who've just started learning, this workshop will teach you the basics of how to navigate around your instrument and how not to be afraid of the bow. Bring your fiddle, bow and let's jam!                    

6:30 pm  -  Kirby

Workshop 1 - Writing from the Lyric

Writing for The Mind: How to make your song visual

All in the Family: Exploring Family Rhyming Schemes

Chasing Waterfalls: Conveying ideas to completion

7:30 pm  -  Oliver Swain

Workshop 2 - Music from the Appalachians

Explore Southern Appalachian with a focus on Banjo, String Bass and Voice.

Later Event: August 13
Workshops for Sunday, August 13th